Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Thornhill

Lower Back Pain

The lower back or lumbar region, below the ribcage, is a site in the body that often experiences pain and discomfort. It is one of the most common problems and you must be hearing someone in your circle complaining of lower back pain and discomfort. It is either acute or chronic and due to poor ergonomics and posture. In some cases, it usually resolves on its own but most of the time it does need the involvement of a medical professional for its proper treatment. 

Work-related injuries, sports-related injuries, poor ergonomics, congenital physical disabilities, accidents, or trauma are some of the conditions (but not limited to) where chiropractic healthcare professionals will help. These conditions may or may not lead to a lower back injury, bulging, and/or slip discs/misalignment. Such misalignment damages and ruptures the surrounding tissue, muscle, tendon, and ligament putting a lot of pressure on the spine leading to nerve compression and pain/discomfort.  

Among all the medical professionals, a chiropractor usually assists you in providing solutions to relieve your lower back pain. A chiropractor effectively treats lower back pain either acute or chronic using a non-intrusive or drug-free approach. Our trained chiropractic health professionals at Bayview True Health in Markham provide solutions for lower back pain, spine and neck problems as per your needs and requirements in a safe environment. Bayview True Health offers solutions for a wide range of lower back pain. To make an appointment with our qualified chiropractor, please contact us at our given numbers or email us at our email address.

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